Smokin’ Ribs…‘Cuz its Monday!

When the sun’s out and the mercury rising it means it’s time to fire up the smoker again, like Rich Eisen!

Courtesy Life of Dad

As a Kansas City transplant living in Chicagoland I’ve come to the realization that I just can’t get good barbecue up here, but I’m probably a little biased 😛

So I took matters into my own hands (well, my wife did) and bought me an electric smoker for Father’s day last year.

Having grown up with a grandfather who was a famously good smoker, even going to the world-famous American Royal, I was a bit reluctant about going with an electric smoker. Was it like cheating, would a purist turn their nose at such a simple device that didn’t require work to maintain temperature?

I got over that REAL quick when I used it for the first time and loved the “set-it-and-forget-it” ability to plug it in and set the timer. Seriously!

I did some research and found many options out there, ultimately landing on the Masterbuilt electric smoker. Could not be any easier! I’ve smoked everything in less than a year with that bad boy…ribs (obvsly), whole turkeys, chicken, sausage, brisket, pork butt, you name it. Here she is in action today, with the puppy lapping up spilled juices of course 🙂

Smoker looks dirty on the outside because I leave her out year round, still working fine despite -30 degree temps this winter!

Back to today, if you’re into the details. I smoked three slabs of St. Louis spare ribs from Costco, prepared with a combo of three new rubs (I can give you those deets if you want them). I ran it for an hour or so cranked up to the max of 275 just to get it warmed up and ready to go. I put the ribs in at 225 for a total of 5 hours trying the 3-2-1 method that I’ve heard about but never tried.

I also bought proper mitts last year since I was tired of trying to pick up meat with a combination of forks and tongs. These mitts work great, easy to clean and can hold-up to the heat of the mean just fine 🙂 Meat shredder forks are next on the list for shredding pork butt.

The method worked great but I think I like the result without all the wrapping and unwrapping a bit better. That’s the fun of smoking though, so many different techniques, tips, rubs, sauces and cuts of meat to try!

Here’s to many many more days smokin’ in this summer…drop your comments or questions below!

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