Welcome to Present Dad!

Today marks the first blog for PresentDad, a blog started to celebrate all things Dad and how we can work to be more present in our kids’ lives. I think being a dad is a man’s most important job and we can always do it better.

Maybe we want to raise kids like our dads raised us. Maybe we want to do things better than our dad and we can learn from what they did or did not do for us. Or maybe it’s a hybrid, taking the good stuff and building on that so we evolve as parents.

In case you’re wondering, the tagline for the blog – “Practicing Present Parenting” – is very intentional. Here’s why:

Practicing means we are always parenting and being present for our kids. We are never done.

Present means we are able to have quality time with our kids, wives and other family members and friends. Being present in today’s tech-fueled, always-on society means we must take deliberate action to be present in their lives.

Parenting means we take this job of raising kids seriously while having fun and focusing on every day we have with them. We listen actively to what they’re really asking us or what they’re saying so we can better understand them and our challenges.

About Me

I’m a work-from-home dad that takes pride in being active in my kids lives. I have three young kids, am a technology enthusiast, blogger, anxiety sufferer and all around goofball 🙂

While I certainly don’t profess to have it all I do know there are challenges I face that you may too and together we can show up as the parents we want to be. Let’s do this!

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